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Chemix Sleep 90 Caps

Chemix Sleep 90 Caps

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Product Highlights:

  • GABAaicalin™ for Enhanced, Natural Sleep Support
  • 400mg MagnaSleep for Reduced Anxiety & Sleep Induction
  • Apigenin for Reduced Motor Activity for Deeper Sleep State
Did you know that up to 33% of adults have sleep issues? Crazy right? With
so many having issues getting quality sleep at night, Chemix Lifestyle
created Chemix Sleep to address this issue head on with novel science.
Powered by the trademarked GABAicalin and MagnaSleep, Chemix Sleep
takes a unique, never before seen approach at promoting better sleep. Non-
habit forming and ‘non-hangover’ causing, Chemix Sleep will promote
natural relaxation, deeper REM sleep, and improved sleep quality overall. No
more copy and paste sleep formulas, get the best sleep of your life with
Chemix Sleep tonight!

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Calming & Relaxation
  • Promote Optimal REM Sleep
  • Non-Habit Forming & No “Sleep Hangover”

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