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Coffee Over Cardio Flavored Ground Coffee

Coffee Over Cardio Flavored Ground Coffee

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Product Highlights:

  • 100% Arabica Costa Rican Coffee
  • Premium Flavor for Optimal Taste Experience
  • Consciously Created Using Clean Ingredients
Many flavored coffees just don’t deliver on their promise for that rich flavor
experience they are touted to provide. Faint or nonexistent in the flavoring
they promise due to cheap flavor or lackluster in the roast of the beans
themselves from inferior coffee beans, cutting corners hurts you the most in
the flavor aspect. Coffee Over Cardio Ground Coffee cuts no corners,
delivering ground coffee from premium quality beans and top shelf flavoring
for taking your taste buds to a new level. Experience flavored coffee the way
it was meant to be tasted and taste the Coffee Over Cardio Difference.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Source of Energy & Focus
  • Ultra-Clean Ingredients
  • Premium Flavoring

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