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Core Nutritionals CORE MRP

Core Nutritionals CORE MRP

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Full Spectrum Meal Supplement

Getting enough calories in each day is essential in weight loss and muscle gain. Not consuming enough calories causes fat storage and potential muscle loss. Eating the right sources of food is also important. A lot of people have busy schedules or find it hard to eat enough meals throughout the day. Core MRP (meal replacement powder) allows you to get great sources and amounts of food. MRP is filled with great sources of slow digesting protein, low glycemic (slow digesting carbohydrates), and is low in fat. Get Core MRP today and never miss a great meal again!

Core MRP Features
  • Great sources of protein (including casein)
  • Low glycemic carbs
  • Quick and easy
  • Great taste and mixes easy
  • Excellent flavors!
  • Great value at $2-3 per serving!
  • Excellent fiber source (5-7gr)
  • No fillers or unwanted ingredients!
  • Includes added vitamins and minerals
  • THE BEST option for baking and cooking

    Core Nutritionals Core MRP Nutrition Facts

    2 Scoops 3 Scoops
    DV% DV%
    Calories 245 365
    - Calories from Fat 30 45
    Total Fat 3g 5%* 5g 8%
    - Saturated Fat 1g 5%* 1.5g 8%
    Cholesterol 57mg 19%* 85mg 28%
    Total Carbohydrate 27g 9%* 40g 13%
    - Dietary Fiber 5g 20%* 7.5g 30%
    - Sugars 2g 3g
    Protein 27g 53% 40g 80%
    Vitamin A 1250IU 25% 1875IU 38%
    Vitamin C 15mg 25% 23mg 38%
    Vitamin D 100IU 25% 150IU 38%
    Vitamin E 7.5IU 25% 11.3IU 38%
    Vitamin K1 16mcg 20% 24mcg 30%
    Thiamin 0.39mg 26% 0.59mg 39%
    Riboflavin 0.44mg 25% 0.63mg 37%
    Niacin 5mg 25% 7.5mg 38%
    Vitamin B6 0.5mg 25% 0.75mg 38%
    Folic Acid 0.1mg 25% 0.15mg 38%
    Vitamin B12 1.56mcg 26% 2.34mcg 39%
    Biotin 75mcg 25% 113mcg 38%
    Pantothenic Acid 2.6mg 26% 3.9mg 39%
    Calcium 260mg 26% 390mg 39%
    Iron 5.22mg 29% 7.83mg 44%
    Phosphorus 250mg 25% 375mg 38%
    Iodine 43.5mg 29% 65.3mcg 44%
    Magnesium 100mg 25% 150mg 38%
    Zinc 3.65mg 25% 5.63mg 38%
    Selenium 18.2mcg 26% 27.2mcg 39%
    Copper 0.62mcg 31% 0.93mg 47%
    Manganese 1mg 50% 1.5mg 75%
    Chromium 30mcg 25% 45mcg 38%
    Molybdenum 18.8mcg 25% 28.1mcg 38%
    -- Core MRP Banana Cream 260mg 11% 390mg 16%
    -- Core MRP Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie 241mg 10% 362mg 15%
    -- Core MRP Classic Vanilla 240mg 10% 360mg 15%
    -- Core MRP Snickerdoodle 240mg 10% 360mg 15%
    -- Core MRP Rich Chocolate
    218mg 9% 327mg 14%
    -- Core MRP Banana Cream 276mg 8% 400mg 11%
    -- Core MRP Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie 382mg 8% 573mg 11%
    -- Core MRP Classic Vanilla 267mg 8% 400mg 11%
    -- Core MRP Snickerdoodle 267mg 8% 400mg 11%
    -- Core MRP Rich Chocolate
    591mg 17% 887mg 25%

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jayson Howard (Beaver Dam, US)

Bought this on recommendation as a meal replacement. Flavor was fantastic and it helped set me on the right path for managing calories and losing weight. Excited to try additional flavors!!

Jeff Bauer
Peanut Butter Cookie

I had dental implants put in and I couldn't eat any solid foods for two weeks. I tried this, and it was amazing. Great taste, and not gritty. I will continue to use this product going forward.

Kim S. (Fennimore, US)
Great flavor and keeps me full

I have this shake for breakfast and it keeps me going all morning. I haven't tried anything that tastes as good as CORE shakes.

Edgar Delgado (Van Nuys, US)

I love core mrp it taste great and fills me up a little more than just having whey protein. I use it in the morning pre workout since I dont have much time to cook a meal before I workout.

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