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Core Nutritionals Multi 120Caps

Core Nutritionals Multi 120Caps

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Product Highlights

  • Full-Spectrum Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Product
  • Features Veggie Caps for Enhanced Absorption
  • Featuring the novel anti-oxidant component Spectra
While we all know that getting a balanced diet every single day is the ideal
scenario, the reality is that most of us struggle to make it happen. Whether it be
food preference or a possible deficiency created by a stricter ‘contest style’ diet, we are all lacking a vitamin or mineral in most cases. Core Nutritionals MULTI was
created by athletes, for athletes. Designed to contain a full-spectrum of vitamins
and minerals and even the often overlooked trace minerals crucial for optimal
growth, recovery and performance, you’ll help in insuring that you’re doing
everything possible to cover your nutritional bases with Core MULTI.

Key Benefits

  • Provides Full Spectrum of Vitamins, Minerals and trace Minerals
  • Promotes anti-oxidant activity
  • Aids in Daily Health and Performance

Customer Reviews

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Andrew (Minneapolis, US)
Good, well-balanced multi

I waited to buy a multi, because I trust Core and their formulas. I like that they're in capsule rather than pill form, as it makes me feel like it's absorbed more easily.

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