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Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals Omega (120 Softgels)

Core Nutritionals Omega (120 Softgels)

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Product Highlights

  • Contains potent 480mg EPA and 720mg DHA per serving
  • Produced Under Nitrogen Barrier for Oxidation Prevention
  • Highest Quality of Fish Oil Available
You wouldn’t just grab any steak off of the meat cooler’s rack or just any tub of
protein powder off the store shelf, and say “they all do the same thing”, would you?
A fish oil product is no different! Core Nutritionals OMEGA was engineered to be
more than just another ‘fish oil’ product. Featuring a hefty dosage of EPA and DHA,
it if further superior in the fact that it is produced under a nitrogen barrier to
prevent oxidation. Hold your omega product to a higher standard and take the
guess work out of the best product with Core Nutritionals OMEGA.

Key Benefits

  • Shown to Support Healthy Brain Function
  • Contains Superior forms of DHA & EPA
  • Aids in Anti-inflammation, Joint Support and General Health
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