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Dark Metal Inc. Manson

Dark Metal Inc. Manson

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Product Highlights

  • Beta Alanine for Enhanced Training Endurance
  • Caffeine Anhydrous + DiCaffeine Malate for Energy & Focus
  • AmpiBerry + Rauwolfia Vomitoria for Intense Workouts
If you’re ready to bring the madness and unleash the darkness inside, Dark Metal
Manson is the pre-workout for you. Formulated with powerful ingredients, Dark
Metal Manson will provide intense energy and focus, enhance training capacity and
enhance fat loss and workout efficiency. No holds barred, this pre-workout isn’t for
beginners. Buckle, up, it’s about to get dark.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful Energy & Focus
  • Amplified Training Intensity
  • Enhanced Fat Metabolism & Workout Efficiency

Customer Reviews

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Les (Saint Paul, US)
Blue Raspberry

I had to try this product it was 35 servings for 30 bucks who could say no. I took a full scoop and the yohimbine tree bark in there must be loaded cuz that fat burner gave me the cold sweat and chills in the gym. Back it off to about 2/3rds of a scoop or 3/4s and man you’ll feel amazing. Never have I ever had a preworkout where I had to take less than the full scoop for the whole bottle. And it wasn’t the stims it was the fat burner in there that had me going nuts but I loved it

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