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Fit Butters

Fit Butters Spreads

Fit Butters Spreads

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Product Highlights

  • Premium, Roasted & All-Natural Nuts
  • Features High-Quality Protein Powder Infusions
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
If you are tired of the standard, ho-hum nut butters out there, Fit Butters is just
what you’re looking for. Featuring premium, roasted and all-natural nuts there are
multiple choices available. Whether you want peanut, almond or cashew based,
there is a Fit Butters flavor to meet your needs. Fit Butters are also fortified with
high quality protein from some of your favorite brands to not only add that extra
protein you desire, but to add another layer of flavor that sets Fit Butters lightyears
ahead of the competition. Change your physique with better nutrition and change
the way you think about nut butters with Fit Butters!

Key Benefits

  • High Quality, Roasted Nuts
  • Premium Protein Infusions
  • No Hydrogenated Oils
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