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Gaspari Myofusion Advanced Protein

Gaspari Myofusion Advanced Protein

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The Newest, Most Advanced Myofusion

MyoFusion Advanced Protein is a blended protein supplement formulated by the ORIGINAL Arnold Classic winner and fitness guru, Rich Gaspari. As supplement technologies and nutritional knowledge has progressed, so has the Myofusion formula. The Advanced formula is the latest and greatest verision (4th) of Myofusion and is comparable with the top protein blends in the industry. With 25g of protein, Myofusion Advanced is an easy way to help you hit your macros and get the Rich Gaspari recommended 1g of protein/lb of bodyweight per day. Myofusion Advanced also contains fast digesting whey protein concentrate and isolate, which is the perfect type of protein to take post workout to give your muscles the fuel it needs fast! Whey protein concentrate also contains high levels of bio-available amino acids and growth factors needed to help your muscles grow! Give your body the fuel it needs with Myofusion Advanced Protein.

Myofusion Advanced Formula

Myofusion Advanced contains an advanced blend of proteins blended at optimal levels for muscle growth. Whey Protein Concentrate is very high in bio-available amino acids and growth factors. Furthermore, WPC has been shown to be the optimal protein to be taken immediately post workout for muscle growth. Whey Protein Isolate is a highly filtered form of Whey Protein. WPI has been processed to remove all of the excess fat and carbohydrates making it the leanest, purest form of protein available. Whey Protein Hydrolysate has been processed even more than WPI to create protein peptides. These peptides are extremely small and are optimal for absorption into your muscles. Micellar Casein is a form of protein primarily found in milk that excels in a slow digestion rate. A slower rate of digestion allows your protein to last longer, over a time period of several hours, which keeps your muscles from going into a catabolic state and prevents muscle loss. As you can see, Myofusion Advanced Protein contains every type of protein you may need. It’s a great overall protein blend that doesn’t break the bank.

Benefits of Myofusion Advanced Protein

  • Build Lean Muscle – Protein is the key building block of muscle. Myofusion Advanced is low in carbohydrates and fillers, giving your muscles only what it needs.
  • Amazing Taste – Blended proteins are often the best-tasting proteins available. Users of Myofusion Advanced rave about the great taste from flavors such as Peanut Butter Cookie and actually look forward to this low calorie source of protein.
  • Time Released – The casein protein in the advanced blend allows your body to digest this slowly over a time period of up to 8 hours! Give your muscles a constant supply of protein.
  • Enzyme Matrix – Often protein powders may upset certain people’s stomachs and cause bloating. The digestive enzymes in Myofusion Advanced reduce the effect that this may have, and completely eliminates any gastric distress in some users.
  • Zero Added Sugars, Gluten, or Synthetic Colors – Myofusion Advanced contains NO added sugar or synthetic colors and is gluten free!

How to Use Gaspari Myofusion Advanced

Mix 1-2 scoops with water within 30-60 minutes post workout. Mix 1-2 scoops with water or milk any time of day as a snack. Consume 1g/protein per lb of bodyweight (including protein consumed from your regular diet) to build muscle while following a weight training program.

Gaspari Myofusion Advanced Protein Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

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Great taste! Good protein blend

I recently tried both the chocolate and the cookies and cream as post workout shakes. Mixing them with just water only, they were both rich and creamy. The chocolate tasted like chocolate, and the cookies & cream tasted like ice cream. At 25g of protein, definitely a good product!


It is a really good product, but the blend of Dymatize tastes better

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