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Glaxon Astrolyte

Glaxon Astrolyte

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Electrolyte Blend for Optimizing Hydration & Fluid Regulation
  • 25mg AstraGin for Enhanced Nutrient Absorption & Digestive Health
  • Sugar Free, Ultra-Versatile Formula
The body is an incredible thing, possessing the ability to self-regulate in a variety of
ways that seemingly know no bounds. Temperature regulation is one of these many
systems within the body and this is accomplished largely through the body’s natural
cooling mechanism – sweat. With sweat comes fluid loss and with fluid loss comes
loss of crucial minerals called electrolytes. These vital minerals are responsible for a
variety of functions in the body including proper muscle function and nerve
transmission and if not properly balanced and replenished, can lead to suboptimal
performance. Glaxon Astrolyte is designed to replenish these critical minerals and
optimize your performance. Muscle function and contractions, optimal fluid balance
and even aiding to regulate nerve transmission, the value of proper electrolyte
intake can’t be ignored. Achieve maximum performance and rehydrate like a mad
scientist with Glaxon Astrolyte!

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Training Endurance
  • Optimize Muscle Hydration & Fluid Balance
  • Support Optimal Nerve Transmission
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