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Glaxon Flight Regenerative Growth (120 Caps)

Glaxon Flight Regenerative Growth (120 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • High Potency Bioactive Peptides for Promoting Growth & Recovery
  • Helps Liberate Stem Cells in the Body for Systemic Circulation - Enhanced Repair
  • Novel Approach to New Growth & Tissue & Regeneration

While you may have your testosterone levels at a high level, one thing that many take for granted and overlook is a factor that can accelerate results even higher and that is the power of stem cells. Glaxon Flight is designed using bioactive peptides to liberate and increase systemic circulation of stem cells in the body for powering new growth and tissue regeneration. Novel, different and innovative, it's time for you gains to take "Flight"and reach a whole new level.

Key Benefits

  • Provides High Potency Bioactive Peptides
  • Enhances the Circulation of Natural Stem Cells
  • Promotes New Tissue Growth & Regeneration


Customer Reviews

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Eduardo (Elizabeth, US)
Great recovery

It takes time for. To take effect but once it does it helps you recover amazing 🤩

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