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Glaxon Plasm Caps (84 Caps)

Glaxon Plasm Caps (84 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 1g Betaine Nitrate For Nitrate Powered Pumps
  • 500mg Hawthorn Berry + 500mg Grape Seed for Blood Flow Support
  • 200mg Vasodrive AP for Enhanced Nitric Oxide Levels

Has there been times where you crush a workout with great intensity but feel that your pumps were subpar? Like you were shortchanged from getting all of your muscle fullness, veins bursting post workout glory? Yeah, we've all been there and that is why Glaxon Plasm Caps were created. Formulated to be a premium, pump enhancing pre-workout additive, Plasm Caps are perfect to pair with any pre-workout to take pumps to the next level and deliver the skin splitting pumps you have been craving.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum Vasodilation & Blood Flow
  • Enhanced Cell Volume & Musle Fullness
  • Prevent Breakdown of Nitric Oxide; Prolonged Pumps & Performance
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