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Glaxon Specimen - Fools Gold (Limited Edition)

Glaxon Specimen - Fools Gold (Limited Edition)

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Product Highlights:

  • 1.8g Cognition Blend for Amplified Focus & Clarity
  • 1.6g ‘Face Melting’ Blend for Performance Enhancement
  • High Intensity Caffeine & Alpha Yo for Maximum Energy
While you may get a bit excited hearing Golden Shower if that’s your thing...
this isn’t exactly something you’ll see on your local ‘hub’. Stripped down the
bare bones, this unique pre-workout experience takes the branded
ingredients and fancy stuff and sets it aside, instead delivering a straight up,
in your face sensory experience to make you rethink if what you may be into.
With high intensity ingredients, stripped to the bare-bones and an
unapologetically naked formula, Glaxon Specimen Fool’s Gold is the limited
edition, guilty pleasure experience you’ve been craving – and you may not
even have known you’re into that kind of thing.

Key Benefits:

  • Intense Cognitive Support
  • High-Powered, Unapologetic Energy
  • Performance Amplifying Stims

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