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Goli Nutrition Superfruits Gummies

Goli Nutrition Superfruits Gummies

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Product Highlights

  • 250mcg of Vitamin A – More than 29 Apricots!
  • 90mg Vitamin C – 100% of your Daily Value and more than 6.5 Kiwi Fruits!
  • 100mg Organic Superfruits Nutrient Blend for Food Based Nutrition
Let’s face it – we all know the value of getting in proper amounts of vitamins and
minerals daily, but often it gets overlooked pretty easily. That and when fresh fruits
and vegetables aren’t in season, it can be especially easy to forgo some of these
key foods so that is why Goli Superfruits was created. Each 2-gummy serving is a
delicious way of getting in the vital vitamins you need for supporting key pieces of
the body like immune system, skin, eyes...pretty much all the major systems that
make the body go! Featuring incredible nutrient density from natural sources, these
gummies will have you forget that you’re doing something ‘good for you’ with how
good they taste!

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Overall Vitality
  • Supports Immune System Health
  • Helps with Eye, Skin and Digestive Health

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