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Hi Tech Arimiplex 60Tabs

Hi Tech Arimiplex 60Tabs

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Product Highlights

  • Helps Block Estrogen
  • Provides Cardiovascular Support
  • Elevate Testosterone Levels
  • Helps Restore Liver Enzymes
  • Prostate Support and Protection
  • Revitalize Energy Levels and Raise Libido

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex PCT was designed to be the ultimate in post cycle therapy. After a cycle of anabolics, the #1 priority is to get your body’s testes (gonads) making free and total testosterone again as your natural production is shut down. The other issue at hand is controlling estrogen, as your body will naturally elevate its production on cycle to reach a sense of homeostasis to match those high synthetic testosterone levels.

Arimiplex PCT addresses both of these issues, kick starting your body’s natural testosterone production back on while controlling estrogen to keep the negative side effects at bay. Not leaving you high and dry in the process, Arimiplex PCT was also designed to help you preserve your cycle gains with ingredients that have an anabolic effect on protein sparing & synthesis. Rounding out the complete profile, Arimiplex PCT also addresses the issue of the tax your organs can take by including liver regeneration & detoxification compounds to help assist in your body’s repair from previous cycles.

Saw Palmetto Powder

  • Shown to produce positive benefits similar to Finasteride; alleviate enlarged prostate
  • Studies suggest that it can also be used for baldness, and urinary problems


  • One of the most powerful liver support ingredients available on the market
  • Used to quickly restore protective levels of glutathione levels
  • NAC makes liver cells more able to protect themselves from ongoing damage

Pygeum Extract

  • Extract of African cherry tree; evergreen found at higher elevations
  • Used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Shown to partially block the action of aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase; controlling estrogen

Stinging Nettle Root

  • Also known as urtica dioica; widespread herbal used for male health
  • Indigenous to Africa and certain parts of Asia
  • Promotes healthy prostate and urinary tract health

Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione (Androsta)

  • Metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA
  • Potent suicide aromatase inhibitor
  • Naturally occurring compound produced in metabolism of DHEA

Tribulus Terristris

  • Herb from Ayurveda that is mostly recommended for male health including virility and vitality
  • Potent libido enhancer; Promotes increases in sexual well-being and erectile function
  • Known to enhance androgen receptor density in the brain

Red Yeast Rice

  • Traditional Chinese culinary and medicinal product that's used to treat cholesterol levels and other ailments
  • Made by fermenting various strains of Monascus purpureus yeast on rice
  • Typically contains compounds that are similar to the active ingredients in prescription drugs called statins; used to treat high cholesterol
  • May contain monacolin K; Chemically identical to the cholesterol-lowering drug lovastatin (Mevacor)

Milk Thistle

  • Medicinal thistle that has been used in traditional medicines
  • Natural treatment for detoxification of the liver and liver disorders
  • May help with alcohol-related liver disease

Manufacturer’s Directions:

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening. Do not exceed 2 per day.

Supplement Facts

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Customer Reviews

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JD (San Antonio, US)
HTP ArimiPlex

had a buy one get half off and it was everything I was looking for in a PCT. Looking forward to this after I run Halodrol. Also, love when they throw in those samples!! CRAZY FAST DELIVERY!!

Hi-Tech product

Great product!!!!

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