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Hi Tech Pharma 1-AD (60 Tabs)

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1-AD is a prohormone from the Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals lineup that is part of the legendary Delta 1 family which included the original 1-AD and 1-Test. 1-AD contains the ingredient Androsterone, or 1-DHEA which has been used in many products over the years, but until just recently was always rendered useless by the body when being processed by the liver and harsh digestive processes. In other words, Androsterone always had the potential to be a potent anabolic compound, but until recently the absorption rate was too low to be effective.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, utilizing their innovative Cyclosome technology (which was until recently only available in the pharmaceutical industry) has increased the utilization rate of this compound from an almost non-existent level of 3% to an extremely high 90% level! That’s 90% utilization of an ingredient that converts to pure testosterone in your body! According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, Androsterone was found to be as potent milligram for milligram as Testosterone Enathenate! 1-AD is the perfect product to help you gain lean muscle mass and strength.

Further increasing the effectiveness of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD is the inclusion of Laxogenin. This naturally occurring steroidal saponin has an anabolic/androgenic ratio similar to that of Anavar. However, unlike Anavar, it is completely legal and doesn’t have the negative side effects like suppression or toxicity.


  • Naturally occurring pro-steroid
  • Undergoes double conversion in body
  • First conversion is to metabolites 1-androstendiol and 1-androstenedione
  • Second conversion is into 1-testosterone which has androgenic effects
  • No aromatization/conversion to estrogen; Low to no gyno risk
  • Significantly increases strength and muscle mass
  • Marked increases in vascularity



  • Also known as 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin
  • Sapogenin; steroidal constituent of the plant Smilax Sieboldii
  • Shown to possess an anabolic/androgenic ratio similar that to the steroid Anavar
  • Unlike the steroid, no hormone suppression, shut down, toxicity or false test positives
  • Reduces Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG); promotes higher levels of free testosterone
  • Increases nitrogen retention and promotes lipolysis
  • Reduces thyroid binding globulin; increases utilization of T3


Manufacturer’s Directions:

Take 2 tablets spread out during the day. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.

Hi Tech Pharma 1-AD (60 Tabs) Supplement Facts

Hi Tech Pharma 1-AD (60 Tabs) Supplement Facts




With only being on Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD supplement for 4 weeks, there are definitely some changes. Some more than others! See photos below.

Reason being, I have my workouts broke down onto a 10-day period. So if yours are shorter, which the normal gym rat will most likely have a 6 day rotation, you'll probably see a little more compact result in your loss or growth. Depending on what your goal is.

A supplement that contains testosterone, such as Hi-Tech Pharma 1-AD, will not make you bulky. If you have been curious, I would recommend it. 1-AD is NOT a steroid.



I have sustained a strict clean eating diet such as; brown rice, chicken, fish, veggies, eggs, peanut butter, dates, protein shakes, supplements and vitamins. Eating about 5-6 times a day.

My workout, is split in a 10-day spread. I work each muscle group separately, so that I can focus on working that muscle group & really get it fatigued. Along with 3 days of 20-25 min. cardio sessions.

We know it takes time to build muscle we so desire and to sculpt the body we wish to have. I know where I want my body to be.



This hobby and goal driven desire takes years and patience. Although, with supplements like the 1-AD from Suppz.com and HerSUPPZ, it can help you get there just a little bit quicker.



"Is this a supplement that you can fast on? Does it make you feel nauseous?" I wouldn't recommend taking this supplement on an empty stomach. The only time it has made me nauseous is when I was not drinking enough water while busy at work. I began to feel light headed. So keep up on that water intake!



The benefits from the 1-AD supplement are:

  • Lean muscle gains
  • Low to no estrogen conversion
  • Minimal water retention
  • Quicker lean muscle growth


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*The above statements and opinions expressed are those of the individual and does not replace that of a professional. The information is designed to provide helpful knowledge of the stated product or products mentioned. Suppz.com and HerSUPPZ.com assumes no responsibility on an individual nor should the above statements be used to treat or diagnose any medical problem.

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