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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi Tech Pharma Decabolin (60 Caps)

Hi Tech Pharma Decabolin (60 Caps)

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Precursor to Nandrolone

Decabolin by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals is the ultimate “stacking” prohormone to complement any of the other super anabolic Hi Tech prohormones. Decabolin by itself is still a great stand-alone cycle, but the true benefit to this compound is the extremely low side effects and non-aromatization. Decabolin does not convert to DHT and thus has very little effect on the prostate or blood pressure. Since Decabolin does not aromatize, it is the perfect compound to put on size and strength with minimal fat gain or water retention. Decabolin contains 19-Nor DHEA, a compound which until recently had very little effect on the body due to it’s low utilization rate. Hi Tech has perfected the delivery process for this ingredient, however, and now 90+% of this compound is actually utilized by your body.

Is Decabolin Better Than Other 19-Nor Compounds?

In short, yes. Decabolin is heads and tails above all other 19-Nor compounds on the market today. What makes it different? Hi Tech has perfected the Cyclosome delivery process which acts as a Trojan horse by hiding these compounds in cyclodextrin and liposomes and transports the compounds safely through your liver and digestive tract where they are free to help you gain muscle and mass.

What Should I Stack Decabolin With?

Decabolin can be stacked with any other non-19-nor compound to improve gains in size and strength. This is due not only to it’s low side effects, but also to the fact that it hits different hormone receptors than compounds that effect the Testosterone receptor. This means that you are hitting multiple pathways to help muscle growth.

Top Prohormones to Stack With Decabolin

Hi Tech Decabolin Supplement Facts

decabolin supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
RDJ (Norwich, US)

Stared using DECABOLIN a few weeks back not much of a difference in my workouts. Don't feel any stronger but did add on 4lbs

william lewis jr (Danville, US)
stacked with T1

absolutely love it stacked with T1 muscle hardness is outrageous. added 25 pounds to bench in just 3 weeks, know lifting 75 over what i did my senior yr of high-school im know 46

Richard Juvancic (Battle Creek, US)
Great supp.

In my third week and this is stacked with 1 Testesosterone. Definitely seeing results. Best legal supp I have seen since the old prohormones were outlawed. Will be ordering more.

muscle hardness and definition

Noticed within 2 weeks of using stack products that there was notable hardness and definition. An increase in muscle stamina and recovery as well. Very happy with product so far.

Gain train (San Antonio, US)

Been natural took I took this got my squat up by 50 pounds and I'm pushing 405 in deadlifts 3 times so that went if I were to do a 1 rm it out probably be 425. To the guy that left 1 star you can't just take this stuff and not put it the work. If your hoping to do that you need to go back to basics and get your mind right. Saw huge improvement on back size and leg size.

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