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Hi Tech Pharma Echinacea (120 Tablets)

Hi Tech Pharma Echinacea (120 Tablets)

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Product Highlights:

  • 200mg Triple Action Echinacea/serving
  • High Potency Extract Level
  • Full Transparency Label; Filler Free
Some of the best ingredients for overall health have been around for
centuries. Echinacea is one of these such ingredients and for good reason. Hi
Tech Echinacea, is a high potency form of this potent botanical and research
has shown that echinacea can help your immune function by increasing
white blood cell count, reducing inflammation and overall, aiding in
protecting against flu and the common cold. Simple, effective and proven.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports White Blood Cell Production
  • Provides Improved Immune System Support
  • Aid in Reduced Excess Inflammation

Customer Reviews

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Bruno (Tijuana, MX)
Good ingredient

Hi tech makes awesome product and glad they have this ingredient by itself! I’m taking two tabs a day and feel good. Bought this supp to boost my immune system!

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