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Hi Tech Pharma Superdrol (42 Caps)

Hi Tech Pharma Superdrol (42 Caps)

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Superdrol: The King of Prohormones

Superdrol was one of the most legendary compounds in the bodybuilding industry. The muscle and strength gains from original Superdrol (or Super Anadrol) were amazing and kept users coming back for more and more. Unfortunately, the original Superdrol was taken off of the market long ago, leaving only clones to take it’s place, which were eventually banned as well. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has brought back the Superdrol namesake in one of the most potent legal anabolic compounds on the market today!

Hi Tech Superdrol: Hype or Does it Work?

Superdrol contains 5 of the most anabolic legal prohormones on the market today. These compounds are 1-DHEA, 4-DHEA, Androsterone, Androstenolone, and 4-Androstene. While you may have seen one or all of these compounds in other products that have been on the market for years, what you haven’t seen are these compounds along with Hi Tech’s Cyclosome delivery process. In the past these compounds never reached their full potential as they were broken down during the process of being digested and passing through the liver. This resulted in only an approximate 3% utilization rate by the body. The Cyclosome delivery process acts as a sort of Trojan horse, wrapping these compounds first in a sugar and then in a fat to pass through the digestive process relatively unharmed to be absorbed by the body. This process results in a whopping 90% utilization rate by the body! This means that these highly anabolic compounds are now able to reach their full potential resulting in lean gains in muscle mass and strength.

Anabolic Compounds In Superdrol

  • 1-Androstene (1-DHEA) - Undergoes a 2 step conversion to 1-Testosterone after being absorbed by the body. No conversion to Estrogen. Leads to lean gains in muscle mass and strength.
  • 4-Androstene (4-DHEA) - Undergoes a 2 step conversion to Testosterone. Often taken with 1-Andro to help reduce any lethargy or libido issues. 4-Andro does convert to estrogen (although not enough to produce any severe side effects), but it is still good to watch for estrogen related side effects. 4 Andro is a good strength and mass builder.

Hi Tech Superdrol Supplement Facts

hi tech superdrol supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jigga (Chicago, US)
Suppz Superdrol

On my second bottle single cycle my strength went up im pushing 75 lb dumbbells with ease my cardio increase as well i did started gaining weight i put on 9 lbs since my cycle i highly recommend but i will be switching over too monstersteriiod after i cycle off just too compare i been doing supplement for a while so im not new too this i stay around 10 too 20 mg a day with proper liver protection and i always follow up with a oct so with that being said becarful and make some gains

joshua morgan (Atlanta, US)
Feels Too Good

I’m not sure what’s up with the negative reviews but I haven’t felt this good in the gym since the real stuff. I was super surprised to get these results. After 2 bottles I’m dense again and strength skyrocketed. I recommend 100% the negative Nancy’s must not have put in the work.

Trent Jehnsen (Beaver Dam, US)
Up the dose.

Significant results taking 2 tabs a.m. 2 tabs pre- workout for first two-three weeks. Tapering down to 2-3 per day for the rest of use. Minimum Two bottles are needed for an effective "cycle"

Todd Waller (Bloomingdale, US)
Good results

Other people have given this bad reviews on this site, and it obvious to me that they aren’t running this right. No prohormone is gonna give you what you want after one bottle or three weeks. If you do this right you’ll need four bottles. Go ahead and spend the money, because one or two bottle won’t do anything for you. Take 3 a day for 3 weeks and then four a day till it’s gone. Your strength will increase a lot. You won’t get huge. It won’t be shocking, but if your looking for shocking results u are never gonna find it legally. Overall good product. I like Ironman labs Andros better but u can’t beat this price point. No need to run on cycle after the first few weeks.

Jason Rogers (Wichita, US)

Half way done with the bottle, have not seen any changes at all.

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