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Hi Tech Pharma Ultimate Orange Pre-Workout

Hi Tech Pharma Ultimate Orange Pre-Workout

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Wait, Ultimate Orange?

Yes!!  The Ultimate Orange, the OG pre is back!!

Ultimate Orange is back from the dead! Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has taken this once legendary pre workout and brought it back. Ultimate Orange was THE pre workout back in the 90's before the likes of Jack3d came along and revolutionized the industry. If you were a serious lifter, you were taking Ultimate Orange.

How Does It Compare To Today's Pre Workouts?

Ultimate Orange may be an oldie, but it's still a goodie. Featuring the most powerful stimulant on the market, this pre workout will give you more energy than stand alone caffeine based pre workouts. Ultimate Orange also features a blend of ingredients designed to help with muscle growth and recovery to aid in your workouts. In short, Ultimate Orange will provide the needed energy and recovery aids for you to crush your workout.

Does it have DMHA?

Of course it does!!  It's produced by Hi Tech Pharma, and they are the King Pins of DMHA.  

Product Highlights

  • High potency energy formula stemmed from DMHA
  • Essential Amino Acids for recovery
  • Blend of Protein and Carbohydrates for muscle growth and recovery
  • Old school throwback packaging from the original Ultimate Orange

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James Ventura (Miami, US)
Old school

Just as I remembered does take about an 1/2 hour to kick in but Great

Cleveland Chisholm (Charlotte, US)
Does work

I took both the original and this latest version of ultimate orange and can say it does work. It really kicked in after I started my workout but had the oldman working out longer than I'm use to. Good energy source and will buy again..

whatzadonk? (Lincoln, US)
Not too shabby

I competed amateur in the mid 90's and used ultimate orange. Ever since it disappeared I have been trying to find something else that had even a little of the same energy without stacking. This does it for me. It seems to me to cover all the bases. I still have energy after a 60 min workout to use the treadmill. Juicing is not an option for me and this is the best I have found.

Richnogg (Des Moines, US)
Not sure about this stuff

Maybe I have slow metabolism but this seemed to take forever to give me energy. Probably the protein in it. I ended up taking somthing else to get me going and by the time this caught up to me...well I felt sick. Ill try taking it 2 hours ahead of time and see what happens

C.Re’ (Dayton, US)
Better than most...

I’ve used this on and off since the late 80’s...and although the formula has changed, its still a solid “go-to” when compared to all the other sugary/artificial flavored/ingredient Supps, in the same category. Best way to use this is mix, drink half about 20 min prior to workout then drink the other half while working out. Thanks for selling this Suppz!!

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