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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi Tech Redux (60 Caps)

Hi Tech Redux (60 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 200mg Caffeine + 50mg Eria Jarensis + 125mg 2-Aminoisoheptane for Razor Sharp Focus & Energy
  • 30mg Bitter Orange + 20mg Yohimbe Bark for Enhanced Lipolysis
  • Full-Transparency Label
Back and with a bad attitude, Hi Tech Redux has coming at you with a stacked
formulation that will get you results faster than ever before. Taking the brakes off
the fat loss train, Redux combines high potency ingredients like caffeine and eria
jarensis for intense energy and focus, bitter orange and yohimbe bark for enhanced
lipolysis and ingredients like Higenamine and Senegalia Berlandieri extract for razor
sharp focus. You’ll be energized, motivated and crushing your fat loss goals in no
time! Don’t settle for anything less than pure intensity...Redux is the way to get the
hardcore fat loss results that you desire!

Key Benefits

  • Helps Promote Rapid Weight Loss
  • Supports Enhanced Energy & Drive
  • Enhances Mood State

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