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HYPD Supps

HYPD Supps Melt Dark Side (80 Caps)

HYPD Supps Melt Dark Side (80 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 500mg Dandelion Root for Natural Diuresis & Excess Water Loss
  • 275mg Caffeine + 200mg Eria Jarensis + 100mg KaffCitrate for Energy & Focus
  • 25mg Cocoabuerol + 5mg CaloriBurn GP for Enhanced Fat Loss
When it comes to getting peeled, and we mean absolutely shredded, sometimes
you have to go to a dark place. Dig deep, crush your cravings and pull out all the
stops type dark. That is why YOLO Melt Darkside was formulated. Combining high
potency thermogenic ingredients like Cocobuterol and CaloriBurn GP for enhanced
fatty acid utilization and increased metabolic rate and locking you in to push
through the energy dips and diet fog with caffeine and the potent Eria Jarensis and
a mental edge with KannaEase, you’ll be on the right side of lean in no time.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Fatty Acid Utilization & Calorie Burning
  • High Potency Energy & Focus
  • Reduced Subcutaneous Water

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