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Innovative Labs Diablo ECA Fire (IN STOCK)

Innovative Labs Diablo ECA Fire (IN STOCK)

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Product Highlights:

  • 225mg Caffeine for Sharp Energy & Focus
  • 50mg Ephedra Extract for Enhanced Calorie Burning & Lipolysis
  • Thermo-Rx Matrix for Intense Thermogenesis & Absorption
Innovative Labs ECA Fire is hardcore, high potency thermogenic formulation
designed to take your fat loss results to a whole new level. Let’s face it,
nothing is more frustrating than dieting and seeing slow fat loss results.
Dieting sucks and when the needle isn’t moving in regards to your progress,
it’s hard to keep moving forward, especially when you start to factor in less
energy and lack of focus due to brain fog that dieting brings. ECA Fire is
designed to address all of this, packing intense energy and focus along with
calorie burn amplifiers to keep the fat loss train rolling down the tracks at full
steam ahead. Featuring the tried and true Ephedra extract paired with a
proprietary, new age thermogenic blend, prepare to set your fat loss goals
on fire (pun intended).

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Energy & Focus
  • Promotes Amplified Fat Burning
  • Less ‘Brain Fog’ From Dieting

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