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Innovative Labs

Innovative Labs Hell Fire (90 Caps)

Another great fat-burning and metabolism boosting product by Innovative Labs, the makers of Black Mamba. This will heat up your insides enough to melt the fat right off the cells and make for the most effective fat-burning experience known to humans. Hell Fire has been a top-seller for years and is a must for your cutting stack.

Innovative Labs Hell Fire Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

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Andres Benavides

This pills rocks give me a lot of energy and helps a lot with my appetite

David Dwyer - Fast Action Training
With adjusted dosage, it's terrific

I'm fairly resistant to some stimulants, so my dose for this is two tablets about half an hour before my early morning workout. (Three makes me sick; two is fantastic.)

This has a really nice affect, giving me wake up energy with just the mildest of jittery feeling. What's really cool is that the energy comes in a couple of mild waves, so when I'm about 15 and then 30 minutes into a workout, it's really easy to re-focus and almost start fresh. I've never experienced anything like that before; ordinarily, I sort of go on auto-pilot and continue the workout with discipline and effort, and this stuff helps me continue with determination and a marginal increase of strength.

We'll see if my tolerance builds up, but just a few days in and I'm completely sold on this.