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Inspired Nutraceuticals Multi Vitamin (120 Caps)

Inspired Nutraceuticals Multi Vitamin (120 Caps)

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Product Highlights:

  • 22 Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Full Spectrum Micronutrient Support
  • 1g PEAK02 for Supporting Adaptogen Powered Endurance Enhancement
  • 100mg SPECTRA for Potent Antioxidant Support
Many take a multivitamin ‘just because’. Sure, it may have vitamins and
minerals that help the average person take on daily life, but people who live
an active lifestyle have more demanding nutritional needs than the average
Joe. Inspired Nutraceuticals Multivitamin was created to support the needs of
active individuals. Featuring 22 essential vitamins and minerals, it focuses on
the enhanced demands of even the most active individuals to ensure
complete nutritional balance. It doesn’t stop their either, as it not only
provides the solid nutritional base needed but also features 1g of Peak02 to
bring adaptogen powered endurance support as well as a powerful
antioxidant support system with the patented SPECTRA ORAC blend.
Greatness starts from within with the little things. Make sure you’re doing all
the little things right with Inspired Nutraceuticals Multivitamin.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports Complete Nutrition
  • Elevates Endurance & The Body’s Natural Stress Response
  • Vegan & WADA Banned Substance Free

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