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Pasture-Fed Protein

Are you looking for the absolute highest quality protein that money can buy? Look no further than Inspired's ISO-PF. ISO PF features whey sourced from the milk of pasture-fed cows, which can produce higher quality milk than even grass-fed cows. ISO-PF upholds the high standards that Inspired Nutraceuticals has become known for by coming out with the highest quality protein imaginable. In addition, ISO-PF comes in some of the tastiest, most innovative flavors you can imagine including Cake Chocula, French Toasted, and ISO Fruity.

What Does Pasture-Fed Mean?

Pasture-fed cows receive a significant portion of their nutrition from organically managed pasture and stored dried forages. Pasture fed cows roam freely and feed on everything from white clover, ryegrass, and wild grass. Unlike 100% grass fed cows, pasture raised cows may receive supplemental organic grains, particularly during times of drought, harsh winters, or poor forage quality.

Product Highlights

  • 24g Whey Protein Isolate per serving
  • Highest quality whey protein available
  • Pasture-fed means higher quality that even grass fed
  • Naturally sweetened with Stevia
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • Gluten free

Three Childhood Favorite Flavors

ISO PF French Toasted Supplement Facts

French Toasted Supplement Facts

ISO PF Fruity Supplement Facts

Fruity Supplement Facts

ISO PF Cake Chocula Supplement Facts

Cake Chocula Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristi (Branford, US)
Best tasting whey

This is the best protein powder I've tried! Tastes like fruit loop cereal milk. Really high quality ingredients, too.

Sergio (Chicago, US)
ISO fruity

Wow this stuff is amazing, I was surprised given the fact that it is stevia sweetened, but dang they did a great job! Great protein plus love that the ingredient label is not two pages long.

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