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Inspired Nutraceuticals

Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND

Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND

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An all-in-on product, LGND is one of the few products that will deliver benefits in multiple categories. LGND has a positive effect on enhancing and balancing hormones in the body, increasing vasodilation for improved work capacity, benefit fat loss, and also improving lean mass. This product brings these benefits a convenient capsule form. Each ingredient at each dosage was carefully chosen based on clinically backed research. This ensures optimal amounts of each ingredient are delivered to you guaranteeing results. LGND packs multiple benefits necessary to your fitness goals into one product.


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) (Root) (KSM-6)

Ashwagandha has many benefits as it promotes homeostasis within the body. This aids the body in regulating the neurological, immune, reproductive, and endocrinal and energy production systems. That means reduced stress, increased energy, and enhanced sense of well-being.

Aquamin Soluble (Seaweed derived calcium and magnesium, citric acid, malic acid)

Improves bone mineral density, reduces inflammation, increases cardiovascular health, and aides in digestion.

Green Tea Extract (Epicatechin 90%)

Enhances weight loss by boosting your metabolism and improves cardiovascular health amongst many other benefits.

Cocoa Extract (Cocoabuterol)

Due to the high antioxidant content and increased blood flow cocoa extract helps improve cardiovascular output, improve cognitive thinking, and enhance performance.

Astragin (Astragulus Membranaceus & Panax Notoginseng) (root)

Improves the absorption of essential nutrients.

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