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Killer Labz Brute BCAA

Killer Labz Brute BCAA

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Product Highlights

  • 6.2gg of EAA+Glutamine for Optimal Recovery
  • 100mg Laxosterone + 100mg Epicatechin for Non-Hormonal Anabolism
  • Hydration Matrix for Optimizing Hydration
If you’re serious about your training and the accompanying results, you need to
take a long, hard look at your intra-workout supplementation. While for the longest
time, BCAA alone were the common ‘go-to’ for accelerating recovery during
training, the problem is they are lacking the remaining essential amino acids to fuel
complete muscle recovery. Killer Labz Brute BCAA not only has a full spectrum of
EAA for maximizing results, but it drives results even faster with the inclusion of the
non-hormonal muscle builders Laxogenin and Epicatechin. Go beyond just
aminos...go brute with Killer Labz Brute BCAA!

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Protein Synthesis & Recovery
  • Prevent Muscle Breakdown
  • Reduce Recovery Time & Soreness

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