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Magnum Nutraceuticals

Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake (72 Caps)

Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake (72 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • High Potency Estro Modulating Complex for Estrogen Regulation & Metabolism
  • Promotes Healthy Hormone Balance
  • Helps Prevent Aromatization of Testosterone into Estrogen
Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake was designed to optimize your natural estrogen
levels. Yes, even as men, we need estrogen for healthy libido, energy, mental well-
being, cardiovascular health and joint comfort. Too much, nasty effects like gyno,
mood swings, etc. happen and too low, your joints will hurt and sex drive will be on
the floor. The key is balancing it in relation to testosterone levels. E-Brake works to
naturally modulate this ratio and make the most of your natural levels and balance
them accordingly for the best of both worlds. The results are improved body
composition, great sex drive and overall improved vitality.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Improved Strength & Libido

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