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Myokem Transport (90 Caps)

Myokem Transport (90 Caps)

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Myokem Transport

Insulin sensitivity has a lot to do with fat storage and the ability to lose fat. Poor insulin sensitivity causes more insulin to be released by the body when carbohydrates are consumed. Insulin cues the body to store fat and plays a big role in fat storage. Essentially, the more insulin released in the body, the more fat that will be stored. Myokem Transport is formulated to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce fat storage!

Nutrient partitioning is the process of deciding what your body does with the calories consumed from diet. Are they being used to store fat or burn muscle? If you have good nutrient partitioning, more calories will be used to build muscle and provide the body with energy. If your nutrient partitioning is bad, then more fat will be stored and you may feel sluggish.Turn calories into muscle instead of fat with Transport!

  • Reduce fat storage!
  • Increase insulin sensitivity!
  • Increase lean muscle gains!
  • Feel less sluggish!
  • Improve performance at the gym!

Myokem Transport Supplement Facts

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