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Nutrabio Alpha EAA

Nutrabio Alpha EAA

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NutraBio brings you Alpha EAA, the most complete daily Amino Acid supplement available. Alpha EAA features high doses of Essential Amino acids for recovery, but also contains supplements for performance, hydration, cortisol control, and brain function. Take Alpha EAA daily to improve your performance in multiple areas. 

Product Highlights

  • All 9 EAA's for recovery & muscle growth
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased hydration
  • Improved brain function & focus
  • Optimize levels of cortisol & other hormones (reduce stress)

Ingredient Breakdown

  • Essential Amino Acids - Improve strength and muscle growth, enhance recovery. All 9 essential amino acids are required to boost muscle protein synthesis. Alpha Amino provides all 9, where BCAA's fall short in this area providing only 3 of 9. 
  • Taurine - Acute enhancement of athletic performance. 
  • Coconut Water Powder - Enhance hydration which leads to better performance, recovery, and muscle growth. 
  • Alpha GPC - Choline form providing more Choline & better delivery than other Choline sources. Your brain needs adequate Choline for daily function & supplementation assists in this area. 
  • KSM 66 Ashwagandha - Decrease cortisol (stress hormone) thereby leading to improved performance, muscle growth, weight loss, etc. KSM 66 has been shown to optimize other hormones as well, including Testosterone/Estrogen. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jared Byrne (Voorhees Township, US)

Best price per scoop of any alpha-gpc product, and includes aminos! Amazing product.

Jared Byrne (Pequea, US)

There’s a reason this won Product of the year in 2019 and is rated so highly! Flavors are great. Peach tea is more tea than peach but still good. Formula is amazing price per scoop.

Jared Byrne (Philadelphia, US)

Peach tea isn’t as good as grape berry or lemon berry, but still great! The formula is unbelievable!

R. (Troy, US)
The best..

This is the best eaa/bcaa powder I've tried. As far as I'm concerned, the nootropic blend is so effective, that it's worth the price of that alone and aminos are just a bonus. Really, it's a heck of a deal for the price, especially when non-stim nootropics are rare anyways. The best nootropic formula I've tried plus fermented aminos, 30 servings at a great price. I'm buying more!

David Helstrong (Olathe, US)
Effective but clumpy

I got the New York Punch and the flavor is on point! Tastes great and can feel the effects. Only downside is it doesn't mix great, there's always a sediment layer at the top that slowly dissolves as you drink. Overall I would order again.

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