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Nutrabio Leg Day

Nutrabio Leg Day

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Product Highlights

  • 25g Cluster Dextrin for Enhanced Glycogen Replenishment & Training Fuel
  • 5g Bioenergy Ribose + 150mg elevATP + 50mg Senactiv Support Recovery & Performance
  • 4g Electrolyte & Hydration Matrix + 50mg Astragin for Supporting Performance & Function
There are run of the mill products made for those that casually attack the weights...
but this product isn’t one of them and if you don’t live by the mantra that legends
are made on leg day, this isn’t the product for you. Nutrabio Leg Day was created to
fuel the ultimate training sessions. Featuring premium ingredients from top to
bottom, Leg Day addresses all aspects of performance. Featuring 25g of cyclic
dextrin and D Ribose for fueling training and promoting glycogen replenishment,
elevATP and Senactive for enhancing power output and recovery, BCAA + EAA for
enhancing recovery via muscle protein synthesis and optimizing hydration via
electrolytes, there is simply no stone left unturned. It even helps cognition and
focus during long training sessions without the use of stimulants, via the inclusion of
Neurofactor, a natural extract that helps stimulate the production of brain derived
neurofactor (BDNF). Take your training up a level and leave the competition behind,
because it’s LEG DAY!

Key Benefits

  • Support Elevated Training Capacity
  • Promotes Rapid Recovery
  • Optimize Hydration & Muscle Function

Customer Reviews

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Heston (Flowery Branch, US)

By far my favorite peri-workout on the market. My recovery time drastically increased and it is worth every cent!

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