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NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)

NutraCharge Charged Amino (30 Servings)

Energy, Hydration, and Recovery

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Charged Amino is supplement designed to assist with 3 things; energy, recovery, and hydration. To find one supplement that does all 3 is rare, and to find one that does it well, even more so. Charged Amino is one supplement that can benefit anyone, and is sure to become a staple of your everyday regimen.


While it can be used as a pre workout, Charged Amino is most effective as an anytime energy supplement. With 100mg Caffeine per serving, Charged Amino is slightly more potent than a cup of coffee, but doesn't include the crazy amount of stimulants that come packaged with most modern pre workouts. In addition, Charged Amino offers flexible dosing which allows you to find what works best for your goal and tolerance. The Caffeine in Charged Amino comes from natural sources.


Recovery is the most important part of your workout. Without proper recovery, you are only achieving a fraction of the results that you could be from your hard work in the gym. Amino Acids are a great way to enhance your recovery by supplementing with them around your workout.

The most important Amino Acids to include in a recovery supplement are Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) as they cannot be produced by your body and must be taken in through diet or supplementation. Furthermore, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) are the most important of the EAA's, primarily because of Leucine which is known as the anabolic trigger. Charged Amino's leading ingredient is Lecuine in a 2:1:1 BCAA Blend (compare to Taurine as the leading ingredient in Amino Energy) and also includes 8 of the 9 EAA's (only Tryptophan was left out).


Charged Amino is one of the only caffeinated Amino products to include electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. Electrolytes help you retain water and are lost through sweat when you exercise. Hydration is an important part of recovery, and without being properly hydrated your body cannot perform up to it's potential.


For anytime energy, mix 2 scoops with 16oz water. For pre workout, consume 4-6 scoops 15-20 minutes prior to your exercise session. Do not exceed 6 scoops in a 4 hour period.

Charged Amino Supplement Facts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Pamela Fenton (New Bern, US)
My Go-To Energy Drink

I've been using Charged Amino for a few years now. It's my "coffee" in the morning to get me going without jitters. My favorite is the Peach Mango but I'm also partial to the Strawberry Lemonade. Recommend.

Anonymous (Minneapolis, US)
Solid energy with no crash

Blue raz and cherry limeade are super tasty and mix well. Stay away from tropical lime and peach mango unless you like really sweet or tangy. Great value product.

Ashley Schaefer (Fennimore, US)
My favorite drink!

The best drink around! Great taste and a perfect way to stay hydrated. Blue raz is my go to!

R.J. (Ashburn, US)

Awesome products

Josh (Oconto Falls, US)

Tastes great and hydrates wonderfully. I bet it would make a good mixer too?!

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