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Nutrakey Vanadyl Sulfate (100 Caps)

Nutrakey Vanadyl Sulfate (100 Caps)

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If you’re one of the many carbohydrate sensitive people that feels like you gain weight just by looking at carbs, you may want to look at a blood sugar regulating supplement. Nutrakey Vanadyl Sulfate is designed to do just that and help stabilize your blood sugar levels to help your body handle carbohydrates.

Vanadyl sulfate is a stable, inorganic form of the mineral vanadium, which is an element found in nature. It’s easily absorbed and studies and suggested that vanadyl sulfate has an insulin-mimicking effect. That help in regulating glucose uptake into the muscle cells helps those that are insulin resistant from gaining body fat and help them become more insulin sensitive. Being insulin sensitive will help you uptake of protein carbs, and amino acids into the muscle to help build and repair muscle.

Product Highlights:

  • Helps regular blood sugar
  • Has insulin mimicking effects
  • Important for muscle cell glucose uptake

NutraKey Vanadyl Sulfate Supplement Facts

 NutraKey Vanadyl Sulfate Supplement Facts
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