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Paradise Supplements Summer Body

Paradise Supplements Summer Body

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Product Highlights

  • 500mg Acetyl L-Carnitine + 500mg L-Carnitine for Enhanced Fatty Acid Mobilization
  • 125mg TeaCrine + 125mg Caffeine Anhydrous for Crash Free Energy & Focus
  • 30mg Grains of Paradise + 25mg GBB for Enhanced Fat Metabolism & Thermogenesis
Wish you were on the beach? Picture it: Blue water, white sands and gorgeous
sunshine. In this paradise, the last thing you should worry about is if you feel ‘lean
enough’ to confidently rock that beach bod. Don’t worry, Paradise Supplements
Summer Body is here to help you achieve that summer ready look in record time!
Featuring dual carnitine sources for both cognition enhancement as well as
enhanced fatty acid mobilization, caffeine + TeaCrine for crash free energy and
focus and a strong thermogenic punch from Grains of Paradise and GBB, Summer
Body will put you on the fast track to beach ready. Relax in confidence with the
brand made to get you beach ready!

Key Benefits

  • Smooth Energy & Focus
  • Enhanced Fat Loss & Calorie Burn
  • Crash Free Formula

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