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PerforMax EAminoMax

PerforMax EAminoMax

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Let's set the record straight for once. The argument of BCAA or EAA is one of the silliest arguments in the sports nutrition industry. Why you ask? EAA's (essential amino acids) are comprised of BCAA's. The main difference in a branded EAA supplement and BCAA supplement is that EAA's contain all 9 of the essential amino acids as opposed to just the 3 BCAA's. Your body needs all 9 EAA's to synthesize protein, so why give it only 3?

Performax EAmino Max is one of the top Essential Amino Acid supplements on the market! Featuring 6g of BCAA's and rounding out the formula with the inclusion of the rest of the 6 EAA's, that alone is worthy of being mentioned in the top amino acid products. Add in L-Carnitine for energy, HICA for muscle growth, and Coconut Water + Electrolytes for hydration, and we're left with a truly superior Amino Acid formula. 

Product Highlights

  • Improved recovery
  • Increased strength & muscle growth
  • Enhanced hydration
  • Amazing taste

Directions for use

Mix 1 serving with water. Drink before, during, or after workout to enhance muscle protein synthesis and improve hydration. 

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