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Performax MassMax 120Caps

Performax MassMax 120Caps

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Product Highlights

  • 350mg Rhaponticum Cathamoides Extract for Potent Ecdysteroid Mass Gains
  • 250mg Epicatechin + Green Tea Extract for Follistatin Reduction & NO Productions
  • GH & Ghrelin Releasing Complex for Supporting Maximal Growth
Performaxx Labs MassMaxx was designed for those tired of not getting the gains
they are pursuing and not wanting to turn to harmful, over the counter alternatives
that put on mass at the expense of optimal health. Formulated using a novel
approach that features naturally occurring ecdysteroids for natural lean mass
support and pairs it with androgenic fatty esters to support powerful growth. Not
stopping there, MassMaxx also helps unleash new mass potential with the inclusion
of epicatechin and EGCG for inhibiting myostatin and supporting healthy nitric oxide
production. From top to bottom, if you’re looking to unlock new lean mass gains,
you gotta check out Performaxx Labs MassMax.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Growth of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improved Anabolism & Recovery
  • Improved Appetite and Nutrient Uptake

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