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Perfromax Phytoactiv

Perfromax Phytoactiv

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Product Highlights

  • 2g Green Balance + 1g Sprilina for Diverse Greens Supplementation
  • Peak02 + PhytoServ for Adaptogen & Phytonutrient Support
  • Complete Protection via Liver, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Gut Health Support
Get out of here with your outdated, ho-hum green formulas of days old. The future
of greens supplementation has arrived with the introduction of Performax Labs
Phytoactiv Max – the comprehensive greens formula you’ve been waiting for. Not
only does it provide you a comprehensive greens matrix via 2g of a premium,
organic greens balance blend including the powerhouse usual suspects of the
greens category plus 1g of additional Spirulina, but it also offers more bells and
whistles to keep you at your best. It also has 1g of the premium mushroom blend
PeakO2 and PhytoServ for adaptogen and phytonutrient support. Not ending just
there, it goes above and beyond with a comprehensive formula that includes
efficacious ingredient dosages of actives geared to support the liver, blood
pressure, cholesterol balance and overall gut health. This one isn’t your
grandmother’s green support – it’s the real deal for real athletes.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Vitality & Nutrient Balance
  • Adaptogenic & Phytonutrient Support
  • Multi-Organ Support Formulation

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