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PES Prolific

PES Prolific

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Product Highlights

  • 6g Citrulline for Maximum Pumps & Blood Flow
  • 2.5g Betaine Anhydrous for Enhanced Power Output & Recovery
  • 320mg Caffeine + 200mg Cognizin for Enhanced Energy & Focus
The problem with a lot of pre-workouts is that by the time you get to the bottom of
the tub, you’re not feeling the effects the same way as you were before and it
leaves you wanting more. PEScience Prolific was designed to prevent this issue not
only just amp you up to elevate focus, but also contribute to improving workout
performance. Featuring 6g of citrulline for enhanced blood vessel relaxation and
pumps, 2.5g betaine anhydrous for power output and recovery and a synergistic
combination of caffeine, theanine, Cognizin and NeuroFactor, your mind muscle
connection will be ideal and the stage set for squeezing the most out of every

Key Benefits

  • Improved Blood Flow & Pumps
  • Enhanced Training Capacity, Power Output & Recovery
  • Elevated Energy & Focus

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