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Purus Labs MultiFast (120Caps)

Purus Labs MultiFast (120Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Highly Bioavailable TRAACS Minerals for Superior Absorption
  • Features Cognizin Citicoline and Tyrosine for Focus Support
  • ProDura shelf-Stable Probiotics for Gut Health
Most multivitamins are just a smattering of general vitamins and minerals that
haven’t been given a second thought. Purus Labs Multifast is here to change that.
Taking what is tried and true in the world of minerals and vitamins that are crucial
for daily health, Multifast first starts by making them more bioavailable with the
inclusion of them in TRAACs form to ensure you’re actually absorbing the minerals
you’re consuming. Multifast doesn’t stop there, however – it also features
ingredients like Cognizen citicoline and tyrosine for focal support and things like
berberine HCL and ProDura for gut health. Topping it all off, Multifast uses Capsugel
DR-Caps to ensure that these premium ingredients aren’t broken down or cause
discomfort in the stomach. From top to bottom, this is the real deal multi for those
wanting the most out of their nutritional supplementation.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Bioavailability for Maximum Absorption
  • Supports Gut Health
  • Promotes Healthy Cognition

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