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Purus Labs

Purus Labs Noxygen

Purus Labs Noxygen

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Noxygen is the most popular add-ins for your pre-workout supplement. Simply add one serving of Noxygen to your favorite supplement to experience one of the best muscle pumps you've ever had. Noxygen increases Nitric Oxide production, vascularity, muscle fullness, and endurance with just one serving. This is an especially important part of your pre-workout nutrition as all stimulant based pre-workouts contain vasoconstrictors in the form of caffeine and other ingredients. Noxygen combats those vasoconstrictors by increasing blood flow to boost endurance, performance, strength, and power. Noxygen can also be taken stand-alone as a non-stimulant pre-workout for those late night lifting sessions, or when cycling off stimulant pre-workouts. 

Ingredient Breakdown

  • NO3-T - This nitrate, in the form of either Sodium or Betaine Nitrate, increases Nitric Oxide production better than compounds such as Citrulline and Arginine. 
  • Hydromax Glycerol - A standardized version of Glycerol (65% pure) that improves hydration and contributes to muscle pumps during endurance exercise. 

Directions for Use

Add 1 serving of stimulant free noxygen to any preworkout, creatine, or other supplement for maximal blood flow, oxygen delivery, and muscle cell volume. 

Noxygen Powder Supplement Facts

Noxygen Powder Suppfacts


Noxygen Caps Suppfacts

Noxygen Caps Suppfacts

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Big Ben (Lansing, US)
Noxygen in pill or powder, you can't go wrong if you love a massive pump!

Whether its in pill or powder form Noxygen delivers. I've used the powder form for a few years now and add it to my preWO drinks, 2 scoops makes what ever is getting worked that day get a solid pump within first few sets and only gets better throughout my workout. The pills I'm on my third bottle of and 2 pills with my usual preWO does the trick every time. I do like the pills on the account of convenience, no sticky scoops although from time to time I'd add a scoop in my intraWO if I knew I'd be training a long time. Which I guess I could just take an extra pill with me, but 2 pills seems to last a full workout and beyond so I'm beginning to think the pills are the best way to go. I've never reached a fuller pump without Noxygen added, even Noxygen without a preWO works better for pumps than what I've achieved with preWO alone. I can walk into the gym looking good, but walk out looking huge and full with Noxy!

HMick (Champaign, US)
Great Stack

This is a great stack with my pre-workout. The pump is awesome!

IntheZone1 (Hibbing, US)

I've used potassium nitrate before and that crushes this product. Not sure I got much pump at all in addition to what I normally feel. 2 thumbs down on this product

Matthew (Collinsville, US)
Great pump

This is my favorite preworkout product. Nothing like a great pump.

Matthew Rogers (Brentwood, US)
Love it.

Gives me a great pump. Veins pop when I use this stuff.

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