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Raw Nutrition CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout

Raw Nutrition CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout

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Product Highlights:

  • 6g Citrulline + 1.5g Nitrosigine + 1g Agamatine for Unrivaled Pumps & Blood Flow
  • 3.2g Beta Alanine + 2.5g Betaine for Enhanced Training Capacity & Performance
  • 2g Taurine + 400mg Alpha GPC + 280mg Caffeine for Energy & Focus
Don’t just be average, be a fxcking THAVAGE with Raw Nutrition Thavage
Pre-Workout. Inspired and created to the exact specifications of the reigning
Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champ himself – Chris Bumstead, Thavage Pre-
Workout is top tier. Few and far between is the physique that Chris brings to
the Olympia stage in it’s symmetry and balance and few and far between are
pre-workouts that are as comprehensive as Raw Nutrition Thavage.
Featuring ingredients to address nitric oxide and blood flow for maximum
pumps and nutrient delivery and a comprehensive energy and focus package
– Thavage will take your training to new heights. Set the stage for the top
tier workouts you deserve with the choice of champions.

Key Benefits:

  • Insane Nitric Oxide & Pumps
  • Amplified Training Performance & Capacity
  • Elevated Focus & Cognition for Champion Like Performance

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