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Repp Sports Hard Caps 90Caps

Repp Sports Hard Caps 90Caps

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Product Highlights:

  • 400mg Ashwagandha for Natural Adaptogenic & Hormone Support
  • 300mg Turkesterone + 200mg Smilax for Natural Anabolism
  • 1mg Yohimbe HCL for Hardening + Fat Loss Support
Hard, dense, lean muscle gains. We all want them, but few are patient
enough to ride that gains train long enough to see the results that they set
down that path for. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t happen as quickly as you
think it should...and with body fat sticking around while it doesn’t seem like
you’re growing it’s easy to feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Repp Sports
Hard Caps are designed to smash that stagnation. Supporting natural
anabolism and resulting in lean muscle and strength gains as well as
amplified fat utilization, the recipe for lean muscle gains and fat loss and all
over hardening is in your hands with Rep Sports Hard Caps. It’s time to be
lean and mean and unlock your true potential!

Key Benefits:

  • Naturally Support Hard, Lean Muscle Gains
  • Supports Strength & Power Output
  • Amplify Fat Utilization For Leaner Composition

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