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Repp Sports

Repp Sports Hyper Sleep

Repp Sports Hyper Sleep

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Repp Sports brings us another great product in their night time formula, Hyper Sleep. This formula features one of the top supplements for sleep and relaxation, phenibut. This potent ingredient will help you get to sleep and wake up refreshed. If Phenibut wasn't enough, Repp Sports has added additional ingredients to help you get to sleep faster, sleep better, and improve recovery.

Maximize your rest with Hypersleep!

Do you struggle with sleep? Do you continually wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning? Do you wake up feeling tired and just with you could continue sleeping? That is not normal, but Repp Sports has you covered with the all new sleep enhancer, Hyper Sleep. A new formula designed to put you into a deep anabolic sleep to enhance muscular recovery through protein synthesis and human growth hormone release.

Sleep is without question the driving force for multiple things. Performance in the gym, maintaining a healthy metabolism, recovery, growing, remaining insulin sensitive. If you do not get proper sleep, you likely aren’t performing as well as you could in the gym. Your recovery and growth might have hit a plateau. Hyper Sleep is designed to help calm you down when you prepare for bed and continue throughout the night keeping you in a deeper sleep. This deeper sleep will help you hit REM sleep which has a profound effect on muscle growth and physical wellbeing.

Product Highlights

  • Adrenal reset support
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Promote protein synthesis
  • Induce deep REM sleep
  • Support muscle growth

Ingredient Breakdown

GABA, L-Glycine, Phenibut, L-Theanine, and Melatonin are all ingredients that work through different pathways to calm your body and mind down. Some being nootropics like GABA, Phenibut, and L-Theanine that all release serotonin to the brain with promotes better mood, relaxation, stress relief. Melatonin for a deeper and more restful sleep that will have you sleeping through the night.


Take before bed as needed. Take 1/2 scoop to assess tolerance.

Hyper Sleep Supplement Facts

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