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Repp Sports Raze Lx3 (90 Caps)

Repp Sports Raze Lx3 (90 Caps)

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Product Highlights:

  • 1g Arachidonic Acid for Cellular Growth Response + Pumps
  • 300mg Smilax + 150mg Epicatechin for Unlocking New Muscle Growth
  • 5mg Black Pepper Extract for Ingredient Bioavailability & Uptake
When it comes to lean muscle and strength gains, we want them and we
want them NOW. Unfortunately, it can be a bit daunting to bust your a** in
the gym and not see the results you were aiming for as quickly as you’d like.
The alternative isn’t as desirable as synthetic anabolics can have some nasty
sides. That’s where Repp Sports LX3 comes into play – a high potency,
natural anabolic formula designed to support lean muscle growth through
multiple pathways. Featuring arachidonic acid for cellular signaling & positive
inflammation and Smilax + Epicat for natural anabolism & myostatin
inhibition you’ll bon the fast track to lean gains in no time...all with a
endocrine friendly formula. It’s grow time!

Key Benefits:

  • Amplify Muscle Fullness, Pumps & Cellular Enlargement
  • Natural, Lean Muscle Building
  • Supports Strength & Power Output

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