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Repp Sports

Repp Sports Test Pro 120Caps

Repp Sports Test Pro 120Caps

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Product Highlights:

  • 500mg Ashwagandha + 200mg Tongkat Ali for Natural Testosterone Optimization
  • DIM + Epimedium for Estrogen & Overall Hormone Balance
  • Unique “Set The Mood” Matrix for Libido & Vitality Support
If you’re looking to optimize your male health, you need to start with
optimizing your testosterone levels and balancing estrogen. Repp Sports Test
Pro was designed to boost free testosterone levels, support lean muscle
mass, improve recovery and mood and aid in supporting healthy vitality and
stamina. A comprehensive formula that covers the gym, bedroom and daily
life, Test PRO leave no doubt that you’ll be optimizing your male potential.

Key Benefits:

  • Support Healthy Testosterone & Estrogen Levels
  • Naturally Balance Estrogen Levels
  • Promote Vitality & Overall Well-Being
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