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Revive Prostate (120 Caps)

Revive Prostate (120 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • 1g Pumpkin Seed Oil for Healthy Bladder Function
  • 300mg DIM to support Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
  • 400mg Saw Palmetto for Healthy Prostate Size & Hormone Support
The prostate is one of the vital parts of a man’s body, but unfortunately many don’t
pay any attention to it until there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Whether
it is poor urinary flow, decreased sexual function or prostate discomfort in general,
Revive Prostate is just the thing to get you the support you need to help improve
your prostate health and function. With clinically researched and dosed ingredients
from top to bottom, this product leaves no stone unturned.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Overall Prostate Health & SIze
  • Encourages Bladder Health & Proper Urine Flow
  • Supports Hormone Health & Estrogen Metabolism
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