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Rich Piana Digestive Defender Pack (Digestive Enzyme - Probiotic)

Rich Piana Digestive Defender Pack (Digestive Enzyme - Probiotic)

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Product Highlights

  • Combo Stack of Premium Digest-10 and Probio-75
  • Probio75 Features Full Spectrum Probiotic Formula for Optimal Gut Microbiome
  • Digest-10 Features High Potency Digestive Enzymes for Optimal Nutrient Breakdown and Utilization
One of the most important systems in the body is the digestive system, playing a
huge part in immune system health, overall vitality as well as of course ensuring
optimal digestion. The Rich Piana Digestive Defender Stack is a one-stop shop for
optimizing your digestion and ensuring that you’re functioning optimally digestively.
It features the potent digestive enzyme formula Digest-10 which is jam packed with
proven digestive enzymes that not only help break down the food you’re eating
more effectively but also help the body assimilate the nutrition more efficiently.
Stacked with Probio-75, a potent probiotic formula that optimizes the gut
microbiome by supporting the ‘good’ bacteria and forcing out the ‘bad’.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Optimal Digestive Health
  • Promotes Healthy Microbiome Balance
  • Promotes Healthy Body Composition

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