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Rule 1 Whey Blend

Rule 1 Whey Blend

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Product Highlights:

  • 24g Premium Whey Protein per Serving
  • Tri-Source Blend of Whey Concentrate, Isolate & Hydrolysates
  • Naturally Occurring 5g of BCAA + 4g Glutamine per Serving
At the end of the day – the quality of your protein reigns supreme when it
comes to how much it will benefit you. Cheap, low-quality proteins aren’t
optimal and can cause issues with absorption, digestibility and might fall
short in terms of delivering on label claim. Rule 1 Whey Blend removes this
worry by delivering a premium, high grade tri-blend of whey concentrate,
isolate and hydrolysate. The result is a high-grade, optimal bioavailability
protein that not only delivers a perfect source of whey protein, but comes in
a variety of flavors that will be sure to satisfy any palate.

Key Benefits:

  • Support Lean Muscle Growth
  • Optimize Recovery
  • Easy to Digest; Optimal Absorption

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dylan (Haviland, US)
Rainbow Sherbert Flavor

The flavor was amazing, really good protein. Did not mix perfectly but certainly was not bad. Taste was so good I didn't even mind little chunks.

Minnesodad (Saint Paul, US)
Chocolate perfection

The chocolate flavor mixes well and tastes like chocolate milk. All in all a great post workout protein.

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