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SelfE Extra Strength Probiotic 40 With FOS (Prebiotic) 40 Billion CFU (60 Caps)

SelfE Extra Strength Probiotic 40 With FOS (Prebiotic) 40 Billion CFU (60 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Features MakTrek Technology for Superior Probiotic Absorption
  • 40 Billion Probiotic count for Enhanced Gut Balance & Health
  • Includes Prebiotic FOS for Improved Gut Health
One of the first lines of defense for the body is the gut. It plays a large role in
immune system function on top of it’s daunting task of metabolizing and utilizing all
of the food you ingest. Poor or lackluster diet, environmental stress, poor food
quality and other factors can alter healthy gut flora balance, causing indigestion,
bloating, nutrient malabsorption and even impact immune system health, lead to
weight gain and negatively influence overall vitality. SelfE Probiotic 40 is designed
to help balance gut flora by providing a optimized amount of probiotics and
prebiotics for helping to balance gut health and help the flora in your system thrive,
aid in nutrient utilization and may even help improve body composition.

Key Benefits

  • Support Balanced Gut Flora
  • Promote Overall Digestive System Health
  • Support Healthy Weight, Immune & Body Composition

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