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SUPERMOSS Organic Seamoss Blend 60 Servings - 120 Caps

SUPERMOSS Organic Seamoss Blend 60 Servings - 120 Caps

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✅ Cold-Pressed 100% Organic Formula
✅ 4-in-1 Superfood Blend Includes Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Burdock Root, and Organic Shitake to Maximize Abosrption
✅ 100+ Essential Vitamins and Minerals
✅ Boost Immune Function
✅ Improve Skin Tone
✅ Detox & Optimize Digestion
  • It doesn't matter how many sea moss capsules are taken, it is how much you absorb. If your body is unable to absorb the Irish sea moss, what's the point? Gaia's Legacy Supermoss Capsules are different from other products. They use cold-pressed technology and a proprietary Organic Shitake Extract. This allows your body to get the most out of SUPERMOSS.

  • 4-in-1 superfood blend! SUPERMOSS capsules contain a unique blend of organic cold-pressed Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Burdock Root, with Organic Shiitake Mushroom added to help aid absorption.

  • More than 100 essential vitamins and minerals found in organic superfoods. Our organic seamoss, bladderwrack, burdock root, and shiitake blend contains more than 102 essential minerals required by the human body, plus antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals.

  • Our organic sea moss comes from the Atlantic ocean. It is vital to understand where your products are sourced. Avoid brands that source their sea moss in questionable places. Gaia's Legacy Supermoss capsules made from organic sea moss are proudly made in America with bladderwrack and Irish Sea Moss sourced directly from Ireland.

  • All the good stuff, but none of the bad! These two pills are much easier than going through all the trouble and spending extra money to make seamoss edible. This gives you more nutritional value and requires less time and money.

  • Perfect complement to any diet! Gaia's Legacy Organic Supermoss capsules are gluten-free and non GMO. These irish seamoss pills can be used by anyone, no matter if you are a strict vegan or a keto-friendly eater.

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Heston (Flowery Branch, US)
Best Multivitamin on the Market

Take this religiously and you’ll see an improvement in every area as advertised!

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